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Conditioning tips.






When ready for conditioning,

I understand when people say, it makes my hair lank, or it weighs my hair down, or it becomes fly away. People say many different things. Hair is also  un-manageable if it is dried out.

Hair needs moisture what ever your hair type. - moisture, moisture, moisture.


First make sure you are using the right conditioner for your hair type. If you have oily or fine hair, then make sure you choose a lighter conditioner. Some people with this type of hair who are totally against conditioner, should use a conditioning spray, that stays on the hair without being shampooed out. This goes on after being towel dryed. For example, an argan oil, either in oil format or a cream spray.

Thirsty dry or chemical processed hair, will need a creamier conditioner, to nourish the hair shaft. This is best to be put on, and left a few minutes to make sure it penetrates.


Though there is another thing to conditioning that most people don't do, and that's only placing the conditioner on the lengths and ends.

Placing conditioner at the roots, and with the scalps nautral oils, this is when the hair seems to have no natural lift.

You really dont need conditioner at the roots and scalp of the hair. This is because when you wash your hair, the natural oils only take about 20 minutes to come back and rebalance, protect, and keep it healthy.


If you do have a dry scalp, then yes, you can put a norishing conditioner on your scalp for a few minutes, so to add moisture to the skin to help it, but this condition is rare.

you can put an ocassional conditioning treatment or a mask on also.

(We will be posting a blog on conditioning treatments and masks soon).


So basically, unless your scalp needs it, keep the conditioner away from the roots, it generally doesn't need it and will be fine.  every so often is ok, but not all the time. keeping roots clean, and very little to no conditioner on them will keep the hair's natural volume and bounce at the roots.


If you use a sulphate free shampoo that doesn't have a seperate conditioner of its own, then you will find this is ok, it is made to be placed on the scalp and roots as well as the length of hair, because it's sulphate free and you will get natural bounce and volume with it.


Get the basics right, and everything else works a whole lot better.


(if your interested in sulphate shampoo, will be have a blog post soon, we will also be blogging about all the little things that hairdressers do in the salon to create and add volume to flat hair that you dont usually notice).

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