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Hair washing / cleansing.




Hair cleansing,


 I much prefer the word cleansing to the word washing. Why ? Because it best describes what your doing. When hair is wet it is in a delicate state and should be treated gently and not in a rush. Take your time to massage your scalp, your head will love you for it.

Well i'm sure some of you like myself thought, washing your hair, seems basic enough. Well over the years working with hair, i have discovered everyone does it quite different, and i am asked many questions on cleansing the hair.


Get this bit right, and everything that follows can only enhance the end result.


Not sure if any of you have wondered why at the hairdressers your hair will be cleansed twice ?

Well, this is because, the first cleanse will only lift any excess oils, products and pollution from the hair. It's the second cleanse that takes it away. Doing the two cleanses makes sure that the hair is properly prepped for styling, and adding any more products etc.

This also makes sure that your colour is not being dulled by excess residue still laying in the hair. So your hair is better to control, its lifted, fresh, colour looks its best, what's not to love about cleansing properly.


Before you cleanse, the hair should be properly wet, when i mean wet, i mean really wet, so that it is completely soaked through. The only exception to this would be if you are trying to remove product build up, like waxes, putty, or any product that is used for definition and sculpting. Usually on short hair. Defiantly one for the guys, but not nesassary every time. If this is the case have a look at our other blog on "removing product build up", as the procedure is really quite different.


So after you have properly wet the hair, then when applying your chosen cleanser, never just put a pile of it in the palm of your hand and put it straight onto the top of your head, (some of you may be relating to that comment) you should put the amount you want into the palm of your hand, and then with both hands together spread over the palms of your hands. Then go into your hair aiming for the scalp.

It's the scalp of your head that needs the cleasing, and to be kept clean. It's this area that you should be massaging. The length and ends of the hair only needs a light squeeze through, and when the hair is rinsed, the cleanser with run through it, and is usually enough, as the ends can be delicate. Making sure you massage well all over, remember, take a good couple of minutes, and enjoy it.


I like to rinse the hair thoroughly, even after the first cleanse, that way i know the hair is not holding onto any product or oils. After all, how can you put a second cleanse on with the first one still there. It just can't do it's job properly, so rinse really well.

Then after everything is rinsed well, repeat for a second time, and squeeze through the ends also.


Then follow with one of the conditioning blog's, conditioning tips or conditioning treatments and masks.








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