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Removing product build up in the hair.




Great for guy's, and ladies short hairstyles that use heavier products for definition.



Do you find after shampooing your hair, you seem to still have that thick feeling that product is still in the hair, from wax or putty, or other sculpturing aids ? Hair doesn't feel clean ?


And when adding more, it's just even more clogged up with product.


When you use mousses and lotions it's ok, and it all usually comes away with regular washing. But when you use heavier product, that are required for shorter hair styles, they can be that much harder to remove. You may not notice it all the time, but then you get a build-up that just doesn't seem to shift. Well, some slight adjusting to how you cleanse your hair, and all is well again for a few more washes.


First, DONT wet your hair. Take a few pumps of your shampoo, your regular shampoo for your hair should be fine. Rub onto palms of your hands, and take it through your DRY hair, paying particular attention to the roots. Massage your scalp well, do so for a couple of minutes. After this step you can add water, and rinse well. Follow with some more shampoo and rinse well again. Then follow with your usual conditioner. You should really be able to feel the difference.


** If you use a conditioner on your hair, make sure you read our conditioning tips blog.


By doing this step in your routine every few times, it will keep build-up away and you should get the best out of your hair.






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