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Want thick beautiful hair ?     Conditioning treatments & Masks

This is one topic that gets the reaction of "Aaaaa!!!"
Honestly, it doesn't need to be that way.
I hear you, you think it makes your hair limp, no body, no lift, to soft, unmanageable, etc etc. 
Well, what if I told you, it would make your hair stronger, would grow a lot longer, and actually be more manageable.
Are you listening now. 
We all want it, but just don't seem to understand what we must be doing wrong. 
Well let's start off by talking about before or after. 
With that I mean, you can get pre-treatments, that when you damp your hair down under the water spray and towel dry. You can put on a conditioning treatment through your length and ends before you wash your hair. This can stay on all night if you like, and I actually do this one extremely often. I would say the minimum time left on would be 20minutes. Great if your in a hurry, and still makes a big difference. 
       Say in the morning, wet your hair, put it on, have breakfast, then wash it off and condition as normal. (see our shampoo & conditioning blogs)
It may sound a bit weird, and you may be thinking, how is that doing anything  if your washing it off. But you would be amazed at the difference it makes, and i am a great fan of using this type of treatment. 
The other type of treatment, is when you wash your hair, and in the place of a normal conditioner, you apply the treatment, through the length and ends.  Again, leave on a while before rinsing it off. 
There is one huge thing, that makes the difference to your hair being soft, lank, limp etc. let me explain.
It is really important  that a conditioning treatment doesn't go on the scalp, this is what makes your hair limp, and you just don't seem to be able to do anything with it. The hair near your scalp, is pretty much new hair, and is in good condition. This is also due to the natural sebum from the scalp.  The hair through the length and ends can be a lot dryer, thinner due to drying. Straitening, curling,  as well as maybe coloured and processed. 
The hair needs the help of being stronger, so it doesn't get so thin it breaks, or dried out, keeping your hair thicker and fuller so you can redo colours, perms, Straitening, and everyday drying without the stress. 
Only putting treatments thought length and ends won't make your hair limp, but will make it stronger and grow longer. 
If you do a treatment preferably twice a week, but at least once, you will notice the difference. 
Once you start to understand and get the results, you will be addicted. 
Clients now tell me, they get comments all the time now about their hair, they love the fact their hair looks amazing, but have not compromised the body,bounce and lift they can achieve at the roots. 
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